Tilla 2.0

Tilla 2.0

Saturday, Dec 24, 2022 · 4 min read · 658 words

The next big step for Tilla is here - 2.0 “Vol’jin”! This update brings a new overhauled design with the “Material You” paradigm, home-screen widget, full support for Android 13, custom categories, even more customization, and more features and fixes! But let’s discuss some of the major changes in more detail.

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The time has come for Tilla to receive its major redesign in terms of the “Material You” paradigm. Tilla is the last of my apps to receive it ;)

And the same as all other apps Tilla received: monochrome icon support and “Dynamic Colors” support on Android 12/13 and newer, updated navigation and design for tablets and ChromeOS devices, more customizable dark mode, and custom themes support for the first time for Tilla.


This is the main area, which I have tried to focus on. Starting with that Tilla now fully supports Android 13 devices I would also like to highlight three new things: A home-screen widget, custom categories, and “Card layout” (subscription’s card customization).

Custom categories

This was one of the most requested features from the release of the public version of Tilla. Users always asked for more categories and I have tried to add them as part of updates, but I couldn’t cover everything, so I have decided it is time to give users control over it. Starting with this update, user can create their categories in the “Settings” and assign them to the existing or new subscriptions without any problems!

Home-screen widget

Castro users now, that I don’t like home-screen widgets and was never able to optimize them to work correctly on all types of devices, but I have decided that the widget to show the next subscription to pay is one of the core features, required for subscriptions tracker app, so I have added one for you :) It is really simple, just showing the next subscription information and I would like it to stay this simple. The only thing it requires currently is more customization options, to comply with your various home screens and this is the work for future updates.

Card layout

Users like customization options! This is the main rule I have learned over the years of my app development and there is new settings screen called “Card layout”. Using this new screen you will be able to configure which information will be displayed in the subscription card on the main screen. You could now select anything from notes, payment methods, and categories, or change the date format suitable for you. I have already some ideas on adding more stuff there (like billing cycle or more date formats).


Usually, I don’t pay attention to bug fixes in such kind of release announcements, but this time there are needed fixes and changes been made:

I am aware, that there is still a major problem with the “Total expenses” calculation for some users, but this problem also requires some re-write from scratch, since it was designed to better support users with multi-currencies subscriptions, which evolved in incorrect numbers for users with mono-currency subscriptions list, I will work on this for the future update.


I have not described everything here and there are still many things you will find by yourself like new “Details” page, sorting by payment methods, and many more!

Check detailed changeling here: https://pavlorekun.dev/tilla/changelog_release/

This was the last major update for my apps this year, now I would like to take some time to rest and start working on new stuff the next year. Have a happy holiday guys!