Progress report: September 2021

Progress report: September 2021

Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021 · 4 min read · 810 words


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In August, I have released an entirely new app called “Tilla”! It is the app to manage your paid subscriptions, like Netflix, Spotify, etc. It is really simple to use - just add all your services into the app using a list of bundled subscriptions or add/create your own and that’s it! From this point, Tilla will notify you about coming payments, track weekly/monthly/yearly expenses, and more!

Tilla UI

1.1 “Proudmoore”

Later that month, the first big functionality update was released - Tilla 1.1, which brought new features and design improvements, like the ability to select a base currency, redesigned currency picker with search, and more details for each currency.

New currencies picker

1.2 “Stormrage”

And at the start of September, the second update was released - Tilla 1.2. This update is pretty bigger, cause it features Android 12 full support, the ability to automatically select dark mode, manually selectable billing cycle for each subscription, and many other features.

Dark mode and new billing cycle selector

Except this, there are many other improvements and fixes, which includes:


Google Play (Basic) | Google Play (Premium) | Changelog

Today I am also releasing a new update for all of my other apps, which includes Castro too. The main goal of the update is to support Android 12 devices, but except this, there is also new stuff for you!

Updates to the home-screen widget

One of the main problems users reported about the home-screen widget was the inability to add multiple instances of it with a different set of information and design options. Now it is fixed :) You can add an instance of the widget and it will be handled separately using one refresh service, which should not impact the battery life of your devices. Besides, I have added new meta-information to better describe the widget in the widget picker on Android 12. Just don’t forget, that the home-screen widget is available only for the Castro Premium users.

Widget instances and widget picker

Root analyzer

Another big update here is a new tool for everyone called “Root analyzer”. It allows you to check if your device supports Root/BusyBox, but on different checkups, which includes: BusyBox presence, Superuser presence, changes into common system folders access permissions, new dangerous properties in the “build.prop” system file and Magisk binaries presence.

Root analyzer

Other changes

Besides all the changes I have described earlier, there is a new set of information, that is available only for devices running Android 12: remaining time for the battery to last, new technologies to check for Wi-Fi, many new devices in the DB (including Pixel 5A and new devices from Xiaomi), improved permissions handling and many more features!


Google Play (Basic) | Google Play (Premium) | Changelog

Skit received a really small update, the main focus of which is full support for Android 12 and all new information coming with it, which includes: new permissions definitions and new activities and services flags.

Besides this, it also features design improvements coming into all other apps from Tilla: new feedback screen, “Get Premium” screen redesign, and fonts usage improvements.


Google Play | Changelog

The same update coming to Graphie is fully focused on Android 12 support, but except this, it also features “map-view” for images with geotagging meta-information there is a map displayed, that showing the location, where the image was taken.

Map view

Also, there is now support for editing EXIF data for DNG images and an important fix for latitude, altitude, and longitude editing. Now it properly takes care of points.

What’s next?

Currently, I am already working on Tilla 1.3, which will contain features that many users asked for!

From this point, I want to update my development and publishing infrastructure + improve codebase to expand users audience, which includes: AppGallery releases, better support for tablets and foldable devices and many other things, that will improve my and yours life :) So, just stay tuned to the news and subscribe to my Telegram channel to get the latest news and insides about everything!