Graphie Revival

Graphie Revival

Monday, Nov 21, 2022 · 3 min read · 466 words

Hello, fellow users of my least loved app - Graphie, I have some great news for you, finally! I know, that Graphie currently in really bad shape: some data is not editing, crashes, lack of support, but today I am going to present you - Graphie 2.0 “Nilox”.

It features: overhauled design in Material You paradigm, support for batch images tags editing/clearing, support for Android 12L/13 and much more!

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Detailed changelog

New design

First of all, I have decided to refresh the design of Graphie the same way I have already done it with Castro and Skit. So, the obvious choice here was to rebuild UI with the Material You design system, and here it is!

This new design includes new fonts, new icons, a new theme engine, and much more! But let’s stay on a theme engine for a while.

As many of you know, Google released a feature called “Dynamic Colors” with Android 12, which allows the app to take the device’s system colors and adapt them to their apps, so the whole system looks and feels like one UI experience, so Graphie is now part of this too!

On Android 13 devices it also ships with a “Themed icon”, which expands the idea of the “Dynamic Colors” to the icons on the home screen.

Batch image tags modification

One of the most requested features from users over the years from the release was the ability to multi-select images and then edit or clear tags on them at once. So, it is now available as part of this update.

After you have selected all the needed images, you can edit tags for them with on click (Actually, maybe a few clicks since you have to fill tags in the “Profile” screen first)! Currently you can also remove all tags from the selected images too.

Information set

This was the most painful part of the app for all users. I have missed many issues with tag editing: negative locations dates applying, etc. So, I have revisited it, fixed all the problems I found, and presented new tags: DATE_DIGITIZED, DATE_MODIFIED, ALTITUDE, ALTITUDE (REFERENCE). I will be working with your feedback on this and adding new information, when it will be possible.


I will monitor feedback on all platforms and try to further improve Graphie based on it, so please, don’t forget to leave your feedback at Google Play or AppGallery, send me email at “”, on my Twitter or just connect with other users in my Telegram group.

Also, Black Friday is coming, so later this week all of my apps will be available with discount for limited time!

If you would like to support me even more and give my big THANK YOU, check my “Buy Me A Coffee” page.