All my apps are now also available in AppGallery!

All my apps are now also available in AppGallery!

Thursday, Dec 23, 2021 · 2 min read · 333 words

I have some exciting news for Huawei and Honor users (and maybe for anyone who likes Huawei Services more than Google Services). All of my apps, which include: Tilla, Skit, Graphie, and Castro are now available in AppGallery. This also includes Premium versions. This became available thanks to infrastructure changes made in previous changes and now from this point, all updates will be released in Google Play and AppGallery. All of the features are the same in both versions (except some changes in Tilla) however currently all of the apps do not support in-app update checking, but I will add this feature in future updates.

Let’s talk about in-depth changes!

All of the apps now have a special identification on the “About” page - “H” stands for Huawei AppGallery and “G” stands for Google Play Store. There is one feature, that is not available in Tilla Premium. I am speaking about Google Drive cloud synchronization because it relies on Google Mobile Services, which are not available for Huawei users, but Dropbox is there and I have plans on adding OneDrive and other cloud services next year.

Another important difference is that if you want to participate in beta testing, then this cannot be done in AppGallery. This is intentional to speed up the testing process. But don’t worry, all stable updates (both full-fledged and hotfixes) will be released everywhere at the same time.

What is better?

If you are Huawei/Honor user, then I guess AppGallery is a more suitable variant for you and if you have both, then just use whichever you like more :)

Well, here are they:

Castro - Basic & Premium

Skit - Basic & Premium

Tilla - Basic & Premium

Graphie - Premium version only :)

Or you can just open AppGallery and find it there. I hope you will try it and leave some feedback, cause it helps me in my apps development and distribution.

Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!